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Note: Click here to see the renovation of a buckle that had been through a house fire

Thanks for visiting our site in order to improve our products we our constantly designing new and improved designs and to get it out to you quickly we will periodically feature new and unique designs here.

In meeting the needs of our customers we are able to customize orders, so the buckles shown here can be altered to your specifications within reason. If you have any questions about a style of buckle feel free to call us or e-mail us about it.

One of our brand new styles. Click on buckle for prices

new buckle

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{short description of image}99-1~99-5

{short description of image}99-6~99-10

{short description of image}99-11~99-15

{short description of image}99-16~99-20

{short description of image}Hat pin & Knife



Coming soon new and updates styles in an all new brochure. Keep Checking back.

If there are any questions that we can help you with please contact us at

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